Sunday, February 14, 2010

Region Code Protected DVD vs Laptop

Last Saturday night. I brought home a DVD from my office, I planned to watch the movie in my boarding house. I knew it was illegal but it wouldn't make any sense to the company as long as I had intention to return it back.

Unfortunately the DVD had been protected by region code, its region code was 1 (USA). So I couldn't play it on my laptop :(. I didn't know my DVD ROM region code and it couldn't play the DVD. Thus I assumed my DVD ROM and The DVD had different region code. And for your information I use Windows XP Professional as my operating system.

After searching in Google, finally I found a software which could bypass Region Code Protection. The software was AnyDVD, you can download it from It's a commercial software but you can try it for trial for 20 days. By using this software you can set region code to your system to match the DVD region code.

You can change your system region code by right-clicking on AnyDVD systray and choose setting option and then a dialog like below will appear:

Match region code setting to DVD's region code, in my case my dvd's region code is 1 , it means the DVD is only for USA and Canada region. When you finish this configuration, you can play your DVD by using your favorite media player.

Enjoy!, Hope this simple tutorial will be helpful.