Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Install Fedora-8 via Http Server

Right now we can install fedora via HTTP server, for this we only need http server like apache or other. In this tutorial I use apache as http server, and in my assumption we have set apache server properly.
  1. Copy all of DVD or CD content into Document Root directory; in my case I put it all into fedora-install directory.
  2. Use fedora boot disc or boot usb, use boot.iso file in images directory to create disc or usb boot.
  3. To create usb boot you by using liveusb-creator tool, both for linux and windows, you can get it in,
  4. Boot Linux by using disc or usb boot.
  5. Choose install system
  6. Choose http install
  7. Set your IP, netmask, and nameserver
  8. Input your http server.
  9. Follow the instruction.
  10. Viola, Linux fedora has been installed in your computer

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SU command in OpenBSD

I have installed Open BSD 4.4 as guest in my Qemu in my Slackware. Firstly after I had finished the installation process I read ‘man afterboot ’ to get early information about what to do, I realize that I should not login as root, but use ‘su’ or ‘sudo’ command to get root access for security reason.

After that, I added a user in my Open BSD system. And I tried to get root access by using ‘su’ command and it fail. To find the solution I did googling, and I found that Open BSD 'su' command can only execute by user in wheel group.

And then I added my user to wheel group by using “usermod –g wheel ” and tested for ‘su’ command again but I failed again to get root  access. Because of that I was googling again and found that to add my_user to wheel group I have to modify /etc/group manually or using adduser. I tried that and success.