Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SU command in OpenBSD

I have installed Open BSD 4.4 as guest in my Qemu in my Slackware. Firstly after I had finished the installation process I read ‘man afterboot ’ to get early information about what to do, I realize that I should not login as root, but use ‘su’ or ‘sudo’ command to get root access for security reason.

After that, I added a user in my Open BSD system. And I tried to get root access by using ‘su’ command and it fail. To find the solution I did googling, and I found that Open BSD 'su' command can only execute by user in wheel group.

And then I added my user to wheel group by using “usermod –g wheel ” and tested for ‘su’ command again but I failed again to get root  access. Because of that I was googling again and found that to add my_user to wheel group I have to modify /etc/group manually or using adduser. I tried that and success.

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